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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Awesome Dime Story!

I wrote this in my journal September 8, 2009:

Today started out rough. I was really missing Hailey ALOT. Lexi and I even sat and cried together for a while. One of our great friends Laura, must have been inspired and called to invite us to Wild Rivers. I mustered up some strength and headed out with Lexi and Ava. It was an absolutely "Beau-ful" day...except that Hailey wasn't there! We did have a great time, but I couldn't help thinking of Hailey all day and how much she would have LOVED it there. I could see her huge smile and hear her high pitched scream as she went down the little water slides and played in the kiddie pools. So, of course, I asked her to send me a dime. I looked ALL day, feeling confident that she would send me one, but also a little hesitant to get my hopes up since it was a water park and all. When we were leaving, I still hadn't found one so I was very bummed out.

As we were walking out, Lexi told me she had to use the restroom. Lexi and her friend went into the building by themselves, so after a few minutes I decided to go check on them. They were in the last stall together and as I walked by all the other stalls my eyes were wildly scanning the floor for my dime...none. The girls were fine and since there was no one else in the restroom, I walked back outside to wait for them, continually checking the floor. While outside, I started talking to Hailey out loud (good thing there was no one else there!) telling her how much I missed her and how much fun she would have had there and how I was kind of disappointed that she didn't send me my dime. I also told her how I understood that I may not get a dime every single time I ask and how she might be busy doing new stuff! Anyways, the next thing I know Lexi is calling me for help with her bathing suit, so I turned around and walked back into the bathroom. As I approached the third stall I looked down and there right in the middle of the floor, glimmering in the stream of light coming through the window, was the shiniest dime I've ever seen!!! I literally couldn't believe it. There was NO ONE in the bathroom before, during, or after the incident and I had already walked down that exact pathway scanning the floor the entire time! I KNOW that there was NO way that dime was there before. Wow! My baby girl came through for me once again. She WAS there with me all day and did enjoy the water park!! I was on Cloud 9 for the rest of the day! My baby girl loves me!


  1. It is so amazing that these dimes show up just when you need them!

  2. Wendy what a great story. She truly is always with you.

  3. Wow Wendy - that is incredible!!! That just fills my heart with joy for you.

  4. Hi Wendy. I am an old friend of Seans. I just recently heard about the passing of your daughter. I hadn't been on facebook for a long time and when I got back on I saw pictures of his called Hailey's place, I was so confused. When I put it all together, I was so sad for you and your family.

    I found the link to your blog and feel so touched by it. I feel like you have changed me through this and this is all the farther I have gotten so far.

    You have strengthened my faith. (Although I don't know if I could be as strong and faithful as you seem to be. I can't be sure I wouldn't be angry with God at certain moments.) You have made me cherish my children even more. You have made me more patient with them. There are times I get so annoyed with them and I remind myself that you never know when they will be called to be an angel.

    Because of your incredibly honest blog, you have changed me for the better, as a mom and person. You are an amazing woman. You are an amazing mother. You are an inspiration.

    Hailey and your family will always be in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for being so honest and sharing!