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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Journal Entry: September 3, 2009

Hi Oogy-

I'm here at your place with Lexi, Ava, Rachel, and Alex. We went today and bought you a flag and some flowers. Your place was really bare and we still don't have a stone for you so I wanted to liven it up a bit. I got you a cute little flag that has a bear on it holding a bunch of heart balloons. I liked it because you had a heart shaped balloon once and from that point on you called every balloon you saw a "hart boon." Three of the balloons say Live, Love, Laugh. I thought it was a good reminder of you and also a good message for others to see when they visit. The bear kind of looks like a boy so I bought a pink fabric marker and wrote your name her shirt and put a bow on her ear! I also got you the cutest little polka dotted pot and put a plant of bright yellow Snapdragons in it. Lexi and Alex picked out some flowers and pots too. Your place is totally stylin' now!!!

I love you tons and want you to know that so far today has been a "beau-ful" day!

Love, Mommy

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