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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mormon Helping Hands = A Success!

Gosh, I really wish I had more time to keep up with my blog.  I have so much to write about and I love hearing all your comments and feedback.  Even after almost three years, I still struggle and look for the support that I received in the first few months.  Which, let me add, is usually there when I need it.  I am in awe with how much compassion people have and how much my little Hailey is still remembered!!!  It's such a "beau'ful" thing, as she would say.

Our Mormon Helping Hands project was a huge success!!!  We had over 250 volunteers show up to help.  What an honor it was for me to have the opportunity to serve at the very place that has taken such great care of my daughter since she was first laid there to rest.  I can't say enough good things about this cemetery (El Toro Memorial Park).  They are so wonderful there.

The staff that directed us in what to do was so grateful for our help and really the only way to put it is to say they were just plain nice!  Hailey's favorite thing to say was, "It's a beau'ful day out," and, that it was!  Gorgeous to be exact.  The weather couldn't have been better.  The people couldn't have been nicer.  The day couldn't have gone more smoothly.

I had many people ask to see Hailey's Place and as weird as it may sound, I was so excited to show them.  Her place is absolutely beautiful.  I really work hard at keeping her stone clean and polished, fresh flowers in the vase, pretty plants in the pots, a cute flag with her picture, and always a couple other knickknacks that represent her.  I figure that since I can no longer physically take care of her here, I'll take care of her place there.  I want people to walk by and think, "Wow that is a special, loved little girl."

Here are some pictures from the project:

The Entrance

One of the wrought iron fences that was painted.

Lexi and one of her best friends cleaning the stones in the children's section.

A friend and I working the table.

Hailey's Place
(This is an old picture taken by Lexi, but for some reason I didn't take a picture that day.)

I attached the links to several articles and a video of our service project.  The articles are all pretty much the same, but I figured I'd include them all just to brag how popular we are!!  :)  Thank you so much to all who were able to physically come support us and also to those who were there in spirit.  You are all important and much appreciated.