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Friday, October 9, 2009

Journal Entry: September 15, 2009

Hey Baby Girl-

I'm sitting here at your place having a picnic with Daddy, Lexi, and Ava for Family Night. Dad and Lexi are playing a Star Wars board game. (Lexi picked it out for Daddy for his birthday!) Skivs (Ava's nickname...I know we have VERY weird nicknames!) is sitting right here beside me in her stroller yelling. Yep, freaking yelling! You are so busted! Ever since you left, Skivs has taken over your job of yelling. I'm wondering if you had something to do with that. Yes, I miss you more than words could ever accurately describe and yes, I even miss you yelling sometimes, but seriously?!?!!! Could you please do me a favor and tell Skivs I'm doing okay so she can back off the yelling a little? I would really appreciate that! Just for the record would be so proud of her yelling! She's definitely not nearly as good as you were, but she is getting better each day!!!

Your place here is absolutely "beau-ful!" Rachel and Alex came by today and left you a little teddy bear and white flowers all around your name. It looked so pretty. Auntie "Leesha" left you a balloon and Kelli B left you a flower and a little pinwheel, so you're getting a lot of visitors, which makes me so happy! I've only misssed one day so far since you've been here and honestly it still bugs me, but at least the reason was out of my control. I'm leaving you a bag of Lay's chips to make up for it!

I love you!

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  1. I love your nicknames. I hope I get to see Hailey's place one day. Crystal Boyle