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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Halo #3: Sarah & Jeremy

(Names have been changed for privacy.)

From - Sarah's Friend

Wendy and Sean,

I have been following you on Facebook (I went to HS with Wendy) for some time now and also on your blog. I think you are truly an inspiration and an example of the kind of person we all should be!;) My heart goes out to you as a mother and also to your family for the loss of Hailey, she was such an angel I see and continues to be!

I just received the 2nd email from you all and your Hailey Mayz Foundation, and I have a special friend in mind to be a recipient. Her name is Sarah, and her son Jeremy is almost 3 and has Down's Syndrome. She is a very special friend to me, as she was a patient of mine and I took care of her for the 2 months she was in the hospital. She was admitted to the hospital after a routine visit to the Dr. and spent the next 2 months in a small hospital room on complete bed rest and flat bed rest for a good part of that time.

During her stay she was being very closely monitored and this is when she found out that her son may have Down's. When Jeremy was finally born, which was around 8-10 weeks early, he spent the next month in the NICU. Sarah is a single mother (from the time of Jeremy's birth), and she works hard as a tech at a local hospital, but I know is financially struggling! She cannot afford daycare, but needs to have the comfort of knowing he is in a safe place nearby. At this time, she drives an hour and a half every morning before work so that her sister can watch him. This is not ideal for her, but it's what she has to do for the time being.

She has a very unique situation because she does not have much family, her parents are gone and her brother is in the service, so it's just her sister that she has!:( With all her struggles, she is always such a loving person and is a WONDERFUL mother to Jeremy and she loves him with every inch of her being!  Not all young mothers would take this awesome responsibility of caring for a baby with Down's Syndrome and be able to do as fantastic a job as she does.

There is so much more I could write, but I hope your able to see a snapshot of her life. I also hope that she will be able to be touched by Hailey and all the wonderful things that have come about.   Thank You for your love and compassion for others, and for Hailey. May you have peace and Happiness in the New Year!


 Wow! Thank You so much for choosing Sarah and Jeremy- they are so deserving!!! You and Wendy are amazing people and I am so Thankful for the both of you! As a parent, I cannot imagine the immense pain you feel for the loss of Hailey, but I really admire both of you for your strength, compassion, courage and faith to help you get through. My heart goes out to you, Wendy and your family. I hope you have a blessed holiday season and wish you all peace and happiness in the New Year!!! (((((HUGS)))))

Thank You again! I know this will make such a difference for Sarah and Jeremy!!!;)


 THANK YOU to you and Wendy for open your hearts to others...I know this will make such a difference in Sarah and Jeremy's life!!! It's amazing how Hailey's precious little life can affect so many people and have such a profound impact! Although I never knew Hailey- she will forever be in my heart and I too am grateful for her and the compassion you and Wendy have shared with others! May you have peace and happiness and a Merry Christmas!

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