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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Hailey Mayz Foundation

(I know I already posted this, but I'm re-posting it because a lot of people missed it and I wanted it to be right before the first letter, which I will post tomorrow!)

As most of you are already aware, after Hailey passed away Sean and I decided to start a foundation in her honor to help others who have children with special needs.  Hailey LOVED to help others so we thought it would be the perfect way to keep her spirit alive.  This foundation has done way more than just help others...the healing and joy that we have experienced has been indescribable.  

Since so many of you have donated very generous amounts of your hard earned money (especially in such difficult economic times) I wanted to show you a little of where it's going.  I was raised writing thank you notes for every gift I ever received as a child.  I am so grateful my mother instilled that in me, and my goal is to one day send a personal thank you note to each and every single one of you who have donated.  I also want you to know that every single donation is appreciated more than words can express and every single penny raised will continue to go to special families in need.

We call each gift we give out a, "Hailey's Halo."  That name was created by the very special daughter of some dear friends of ours.  We absolutely LOVED it and thought it was perfect and most fitting!  

Sean is currently working on an amazing website that is completely dedicated to the foundation and all the information surrounding it.  Of course, I'll let everyone know when it is up and running.  In the meantime, if you'd like to make a donation, you can do so on the right hand column of this blog and also on Facebook by looking up The Hailey Mayz Foundation.

We do ask our recipients if they would be willing to write a little bit of their story and share some pictures.  With their permission, I'm excited to share some of those letters with you.  Before I do so, I'd like to let you know how you can refer someone who you think is in need of a "Hailey's Halo."  

Here is the criterion:
1. They must be a personal referral
2. They must have a child (children) with special needs
3. They must be having some sort of financial hardship
Please also include their contact info. 

So far we have given out 7 "Halos!!!" I decided not to post all the letters on one entry since I'm aware you all have lives and can't spend 3 hours reading!  So, on that note, starting tomorrow, I will post a new letter each day from those who have written.  (Just wanted to keep you in suspense!)

Thank you again for your continuous love and support.  I honestly would not be where I am today without it.  Every single comment matters to me and I cherish them all.

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