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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Mass For Hailey

Today was a really nice day.  My parent's are Catholic and a good family friend of theirs had a Mass in Hailey's honor.  It was really beautiful.  My mom made a donation for the flowers so they were all yellow and purple...nice and bright!  They also wrote in the bulletin and mentioned aloud that the Mass was being said for Hailey Vassilaros in honor of her first Heavenly Birthday.  I love the wording my mom chose.  

As I walked into the church, there in the pew next to my parents was one of my best friends from high school, Christine.  I was so excited to see her there!  Along with Christine, another one of my best buds from high school, Stella, and her husband and daughter were there too!  I was so thrilled that they came out to support us!  I had no idea either of them were coming, so it totally made my day.

The neat thing about the church my parents go to is that I found my second dime there a few days after Hailey passed away.  I left to go to the restroom and as I walked outside I was talking to her and begging her to send me another dime so I would officially know that was her sign to me.  As I walked out of the restroom I happened to notice something shining on the ground about 10 feet away.  I walked over to it and, sure enough, it was a dime...cemented down into the pavement!!  I couldn't believe it!  That's when I knew!  The dimes were from my Hailey!  

Anyways, after the mass, they served coffee, donuts, and juice so we all ate and chatted for a while.  Then off to my parents' house for some cake in Hailey's honor.  

It turned out to be a really nice day.  I felt strong and peaceful.  I LOVE being with my family.  We seriously always have fun together, even when times are tough.  We're always laughing at someone or something.  They are so supportive, always calling, emailing, or texting me and they have never judged me on the way I grieve.  I'll admit that I am totally attached to my family!  I am very blessed. 

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  1. I'm so glad you had such a good day after you had such a hard day earlier in the week!! We love love love love love love love you to pieces always!! xoxo