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Monday, June 21, 2010

Messages From Beyond

The other night Sean and I were watching 20/20 on TV.  They had a clip called Messages From Beyond.  It was all about people who had lost loved ones on 9/11 and how those loved ones have sent them messages from the other side.  It was AMAZING!!  I am such a believer...especially because I have also experienced such messages from my precious little angel.

As we were watching, they interviewed this lady whose husband died that day.  She was talking about how he used to whistle the song, A Penny For Your Thoughts. She said that she once asked him what a quarter would bring and his answer turned into a little inside joke between them.  (She didn't share the joke, but I'm sure we can all figure it out!!!  ha ha)  Anyways, after he passed away, she started finding quarters all over her house in the most random places: in her bed, on her phone, etc.  I was thinking...that's me, that's me...with my dimes!!!!  

The next little clip they showed was from the movie Ghost.  (Since Hailey passed away my dad has referred to that movie numerous times.)  Patrick Swayze (who had passed away) was sitting in front of Demi Moore (his wife), he picked up a dime and made it float over to her!!!  (YES...A DIME!)  He was talking to Whoopie Goldberg (who was the only one who could see him as a ghost) and told her to tell his wife that, "it is for love."  I instantly started crying.  A huge grin came across my face and the tears started to flow.   My Hailey is sending me dimes for love too!!  It IS REAL!!!  I've found dimes in way too many random places at way too many perfect times that I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt they are from her.

Anyways, I attached the clip here for anyone who would like to watch it. It's really touching to watch.  There are many other stories aside from the quarter/dime one.

Click on the link below:
20/20: Messages From Beyond

(The entire clip is a little over 9 minutes long, however if you would just like to see the part about the quarters (and dime!) follow these instructions:  After the ad is finished playing, place your cursor on the screen where the clip starts to play.  You'll see a gray bar across the bottom.  Drag your arrow along that bar until it's at there.  That will start it at the point I'm talking about!  Hope this makes sense!!)

Oh, I also looked up the lyrics to the song, A Penny For Your Thoughts, and it says, "A penny for your thoughts / A nickel for a kiss / A DIME IF YOU TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME..."



  1. Woah! The times Hailey sent me dimes were once right after visiting her place asking her to watch over another beloved baby girl who was near death and the other time was when I was really hurting missing her and thinking about her at Disneyland. They were each "a dime if u love me". She was feeling my love for her and sending love right back.

  2. Wow - just when I didn't think I'd have to cry anymore from reading these posts. ;) That is so amazing. It brings so much hope to anyone who's lost a loved one. I swear my great-gram brings me music through the wind in my chimes outside my office window. It's such a beautiful feeling.