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Monday, June 14, 2010

Dime at Disneyland!

Once again, my girl comes through for me!!!  I really think I'm going to write a book of my dime stories (and those of yours that you've shared!)!  I've seriously had so many miraculous finds!!!

Anyways, today I took the girls to Disneyland for the day.  Lexi was off school AGAIN...gotta love the California public school system!  Once we got to Toon Town (for those of you who know Disneyland) Lexi's mood seemed to become really somber.  After a little prodding, she admitted to me that she was really missing Hailey.  (They used to play in Toon Town together whenever we went to Disneyland.)  Seriously, how much pain can one heart take?  Apparently, A LOT because mine is so swollen for Lexi.   

That's when I really started talking to Hailey and asking her to let me know that she was there with her sister.  A little while later we got a text from one of her best friend's mom that they were there too.  So we met up with them for a little bit.  Lexi's mood perked up and she seemed so happy for the rest of the evening.  I told her that since Hailey couldn't physically be there to play with her, she sent one of Lexi's best friends to do the job!!

All the while I'm still looking and praying for my dime.  Well, as we're getting ready to leave I went the wrong way through the chains that form the line where you buy your pass or tickets.  We had to go through the whole maze and then come out the end and back track to get to the exit...sorry, it's a little confusing.  The point though, is that after going all that way, out of our way, as we come out of the maze of chains there off to my right about 5 feet away was a little silver circle.  I walked up and sure enough, it was a dime, tails up!!  I seriously couldn't believe it!!!  My daughter is amazing!! 

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