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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finding Joy At Hailey's Place

Instead of using the word "cemetery," we named where Hailey is: Hailey's Place.  One of the things I actually "enjoy" doing is decorating her little spot for each holiday and season.  Since I'm no longer able to physically take care of her, I find that taking care of her place brings me some peace and happiness.  I actually look forward to shopping for cute little things to decorate with.  That's really the only thing I have left to shop for when it comes to her.  I also look forward to watering and trimming her flowers and plants.  One of the other reasons I really like it decorated is because I want people who walk by her place to think, "Wow, that's a very special and loved little girl."

Most people wouldn't find a cemetery somewhere peaceful to be, but this place is like no other.  The grounds are absolutely beautiful and so well taken care of.  It is seriously so quiet and peaceful.  Sitting by her spot is like nothing I've ever felt before.  It's right under a beautiful tree and we often lay out a blanket and have a picnic or Lexi will read Hailey books.  In the summer when it's light out longer, we'll have family nights there and bring a game to play!

She is also resting in the children's section, which I find to be full of very loved little kids.  So many are decorated and visited often, which, for some reason, gives me comfort.  When I see someone else visiting nearby, there is this mutual understanding and compassion for one another, knowing the difficulty of losing a child.  You don't even need to say a word.  I've even met some very special mothers who visit regularly and we'll often visit each other's children and keep watch over their places and even leave little decorations every once in a while.  As far as a "cemetery" is concerned, there is no other place I would want my little girl.

Anyways,  I think I've already shared some pictures of Hailey's Place all decorated, but I thought I'd show them again.  I put many of the items there myself, however there are also many left by others.  So you can see that she really is a very special and loved little girl!

My parents bought her that flag because she threw a huge fit one day in church because and I quote, 

Thanksgiving / Fall
This an extra special, handmade flag from our neighbor and one of Hailey's favorite people!

I loved this angel flag because it totally reminded me of Hailey.
If you look towards the back, you'll see her Christmas tree complete with ornaments and solar powered lights!
(It's currently in my parent's backyard growing bigger for next year!)

Valentine's Day
She obviously had no problem finding a Valentine this year!

St. Patrick's Day
This is in honor of my Mother-in-Law because if it weren't for her I wouldn't have known  that Hailey was part Irish!!

Lexi decorated Hailey's whole place by herself for Easter...complete with the plastic eggs in the shape of an H for Hailey!

Our Hailey Memorial
This is at the top of our first flight of stairs that look over our living room:
The large picture has her handprint and footprint in it.
The sprig of flower above the frame is from her funeral bouquet.
The white certificate below it is a thank you for donating her heart valves.
On the second shelf is a square painting and "birdhoush" the she made and took soooo much pride in.
There is also a plastic fish mask and feeding tube that we often used.
The bottom shelf has the Guest Book from her service and a whole stack of grief books I've been given.
There is also the can that our 10-year old neighbor used to collect donations of almost $1000 from our neighbors...which went straight to the Hailey Mayz Foundation!
On the floor is a purple scrapbook made by Hailey's nursery leader at church with pictures of all her little friends.
There are also many other items that I didn't name.

On a side note: We are currently in the process of ordering Hailey's headstone.  It's taken us quite a while, actually a lot longer than we expected.  We just weren't ready to see our daughter's name on a headstone in a cemetery.  That's just so wrong.  However, after almost 8 months, we feel that it's time.  She deserves one.  She deserves a beau'ful stone with her beau'ful little face on it to memorialize her beau'ful resting place!  So as soon as we receive it I'll post some pictures.


  1. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Lexi looks like such a proud big sister. I love that she made an H for Hailey!


  2. You've done such an amazing job of doing what you can to keep things 'happy' ... this compilation of photos is solid proof of your commitment to your daughters and family to stay positive and make the best of things. Some people couldn't do this ... You're a very special person, Wendy. Stay strong!!