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Monday, September 13, 2010

She Heard Me!!!

So apparently Hailey reads my blog because after writing my last post about her not sending me any dimes, what do you think came up today in literally the MOST random place ever?  Of course, a dime!! Seriously, I could not believe it!  I'm thrilled because my faith in "the sign of the dimes," has officially been restored and I know that Hailey is still with me!!!

Today I took the girls out to dinner with a friend and as we were leaving Ava ran off, as usual.  There was a group of bushes off in one of the far corners of the outside of the restaurant.  She ran over toward them trying to escape my soon to be death grip.  As I went to grab her I happened to look down and literally off behind the bushes, against the wall of the restaurant, under a little ledge, half buried in the dirt was a dime, tails up!!  

I honestly could not believe it.  I mean, seriously, how in the world would a lone dime end up on the side of a restaurant behind a group of bushes in the dirt?

The pictures are kind of blurry because I took them with my cell phone while holding on to a squirming Ava...but you'll get the point!

Can you find it?
Start at the cigarette butt :), go straight up to the wall and then look directly to the right.  It's that little tiny circle under the ledge!

A closer look!

It was so ridiculously random and awesome!  I don't care what anyone thinks or says...I am a true believer of signs.  They are absolutely real.


  1. What an incredible feeling that must have been...I am sure smiling reading this. :) She heard you!

  2. Wow, you have good eyes! I am so glad Hayley sent you some love. You warm my heart with this story. :)

  3. I believe in the dimes. :) Glad she heard you last week!!