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Friday, August 5, 2011

Video from the aMAYZing Kids Fundraiser!

Hi Everyone-

Here is the video from the "entertainment" portion of our fundraiser last Saturday.  It's about an hour long, so below is a list of what is featured.  In parenthesis is the time frame you can find it on the video in case you don't have time to watch the entire thing.  Drag the bar at the bottom of the video to get where you want to be.  (For example: If you just want to watch the first musical number drag the bar to the 15 mark.)  It's all really great though!!!

Click Below for the Video:
aMAYZing Kids Fundraiser 

  • Intro 
    • Sean's Remarks
  • 2 Musical #'s (@ 15 min) 
    • (The second one was written by Sean's brother for Hailey while he was on the plane flying out here for her funeral...It's absolutely beautiful!)
  • Halo Recipient (@ 26 min) 
    • This is a family who received a "Halo" from your generous donations.
  • Hailey's Therapists (@ 33 min)
    • These are the four therapists who worked with Hailey and who will be running the clinic!
  • Me (@ 42 min)
    • Yes, I said some stuff.
  • Grampies' Song (@ 47 min)
    • My dad decided to sing a quick impromptu song for Hailey.
  • 2 Musical #'s (@ 50 min)
    • One written especially for Hailey after the dragonfly story I wrote on my blog - I explain it on the video. (50 min)
    • In My Daughter's Eyes...a song that I used and dedicated to Hailey in her first birthday video. (54 min)
  • Closing Remarks (@ 57 min)
I hope you enjoy it!

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