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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hailey's Birthday "Party"

Sorry it took me quite a while to write about Hailey's Birthday "Party," but life's been a little crazy and overwhelming this last week.  I think the letdown from all the anticipation of Hailey's first birthday away from us finally hit me.  Not letdown in a bad way, just meaning that I no longer have this huge anxiety hanging over my head about that day and how I was going handle it or what we were going to do, my body and mind had to recover from that! 

I have to say though that the day couldn't have been more "beau'ful" and the support couldn't have been more overwhelming or appreciated!  I honestly struggled with whether or not I should have had a little birthday "party" at Hailey's Place.  I mean, it is a cemetery after all, and I know that some people have a very difficult time with cemeteries.  Plus, I didn't want to offend anyone else who may be visiting a loved one at that time.  However, the more I thought about it, I knew that's where it had to be.  

Hailey's Place is so amazingly "beau'ful" and peaceful.  I wanted everyone to see that.  Cemeteries used to remind me of Halloween or scary movies, until Hailey.  Now I find immense peace and comfort being there.  This place is seriously the most beautiful cemetery I've ever been to, and Hailey's specific spot is even better.  It is located on "Baby Hill," which is the nickname given to the main place children are resting.  Overlooking the hill is a huge angel statue called The Angel of Hope.  Hailey is between two little girls, right underneath a tree.  We knew it was the perfect spot the second we saw it.  (Gosh, that's weird to say.  I mean is there really a "perfect" spot to place our little girl in the ground?)

Anyways, as I mentioned above, I really wanted others to see why I find it so beautiful and peaceful.  So, I called the cemetery to make sure there would be no services going on that day and then began planning.  I kept it very simple: an open house for about two hours where anyone could stop by at their leisure, stay as little or long as they felt comfortable, have a piece of cake in Hailey's honor, and hopefully leave feeling a new sense of joy for the beau'ful life she lived.  Well, I must say, I feel like my goal was accomplished!

We had over 90 people show up!  Ninety!  I seriously still cannot believe the love and support our family and friends continue to show us.  It is sometimes beyond my ability to fathom and I often don't feel worthy of it.  It's such a humbling feeling to see all these wonderful people take time out of a busy, summer Saturday to come and celebrate my little girl's life and also give us the support we so desperately needed!  

I pray every single night for all of you who show us support through whatever means you're capable of.  Every bit counts and matters.  I believe 100% that we would not be where we are in our grieving process and have the strength and hope we have without all of you.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you...again and again and again!

One of three cakes we had for Hailey.

Wow...Look at all the love!

Check out the Lay's pinwheels a friend made!!!

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  1. Dearest Wendy,
    I got my Lay's pin wheel!! It is in the center of my dining room! How happy it made me. Thank you for thinking of me. How I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. I celebrated Hailey's birthday watching her video on your blog and playing "I hope you dance" my gift from Hailey to remember the beauty of this world. I love you my dear daughter. I love you daughters and I love your husband! And so does the Lord. Love, pat/mom